Corporate Wellness Workshops

We offer personal development, wellness and mindfulness workshops. We know how hard pressed you are for time ! Therefore, our workshops are designed to be  micro-trainings with evidence based, actionable strategies.

That’s not a hard pill to swallow ! These are our current workshop offerings..

1. The ART of Self-Love and how to harness its power for personal growth
(Personal Management)

The familiar announcement heard on most every flight- “Put your own mask on first before helping others” does not only apply to flying but to everything you do in your personal and professional life. Women, in particular, have a tendency to put everyone else’s needs before their own. This can not only hurt your career but also your mental and physical well-being. The habit of Self-Love can be an antidote to this tendency. It is a simple concept, but when put into practice, it can be a powerful tool for personal transformation and growth. 

In this hands-on workshop-style session, the facilitators will share why Self-Love is crucial to regaining physical and mental well being as well as inspire high levels of productivity. The audience will learn how to apply the three pillars of Acceptance, Reflection, and Time for Self-care to jump start or continue their journey of Self-Love. And finally, the audience will get a chance to practice some actionable tools and strategies in hands-on exercises.

2. Slow down to speed up –  Using mind-body techniques to increase authenticity and happiness 
(Wellness, Resilience)

Throughout our middle school years to most of adult life, we are conditioned to run faster on the proverbial treadmill of productivity. Many times we find ourselves not closer but more distant from the life we want to be leading. It is not a surprise that a lot of us find ourselves in less than fulfilling careers, relationships, or feel zapped of joy in most of our day to day lives.
What you need to do is get off the treadmill and take a walk on the path of life. In this workshop, the participants will learn how to apply the inner wisdom of their body and mind to slow down and lead a life of authenticity, intention, and joy. The audience will learn about evidence-based strategies and micro-hacks related to  :

  • Physical Alertness and Awareness
  • What we feed our body and mind 
  • Growing and practicing happiness skills

In this experiential workshop, the audience will take away actionable micro strategies to grow a life of intention and happiness.

3. LEAN Prime Health workshop
(Health and Wellness)

LEAN workshops inspired by Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, are designed for busy families or individuals who have limited time or are looking for a brief introduction to health and wellness. These workshops are two hours long and include direct instruction, group participation, hands-on activities, short video segments, workbooks, and Q&A sessions. The workshop teaches all aspects of holistic wellness using these pillars: 

  •  Lifestyle – How we live 
  • Exercise – How we move
  • Attitude – How we think
  • Nutrition – How we eat

4. Workplace Mindfulness Program 

Are you looking to develop a mindfulness program at your workplace ?  Mindfulness practice has a host of benefits including stress reduction, increased resilience, self-compassion. Furthermore, mindfulness, when done in a group or community setting, can increase the group dynamics, sense of shared purpose and increased employee productivity. Let us help you experience the benefits of mindfulness.