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At NutriGuide, we believe that achieving optimal health and wellness is everyone’s right. We believe that everyone possesses the power to change the trajectory of their health- be it physical or mental; all we have to do is take the first step. We are on a mission to up the health meter of our society, one person at a time. So whether you are an individual seeking to reach your truest health potential, an organization looking to invest in employee wellness development, or a parent looking to inspire wellness and resilience skills in your kids, we are here for you.

Our Happy Clients

“I enjoyed how it (the workshop) was facilitated and how welcoming and responsive both presenters were!”

“It gave easy things to do every day… I caught myself “forgiving myself” later in the week and really appreciated having that tip!

“I liked how wonderfully you described the different ways to do self-care in various domains.”

“How important is to love yourself first to be able to love everyone else was explained in very simple way.”

“Bringing all the best tools and concepts together – Reflection, Visualization, Self Forgiveness, and Power of Yet

“It is so easy to drown in the many tasks that come our way each day. The workshop really made you take pause.”

The A.R.T of Self-Love workshop attendees

“Thank you Shobhna for your health tips. I am very pleased to learn that all my numbers in annual health check up are perfect compared to last year . Just by following your simple and easy guidelines.” 


“Nutriguide is very trustworthy. The best guidance is provided to add value to our health to have healthy life.”


“I have consulted NutriGuide on all of my family’s nutritional and health needs. I feel a lot more active and healthy after following their programs. Their knowledge in health and nutrition is excellent!”


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