We serve organizations that are looking to help their employees reach higher levels of productivity and wellness. We are dedicated to serving organizations and individuals regardless of their size, budget constraints, geography or time barriers.

We offer micro-trainings and lunch and learn sessions on health and wellness, mindfulness and personal management.

We also provide programming aimed at the youth. Today, more than any other time, the  youth need ready access to mental and physical health and wellness resources. We advocate for our youth and offer after school and/or summer programming in the area of mindfulness and holistic health.

We also love to work one- one with the clients we serve.

All our programming, workshops and one-one sessions can be delivered virtually or in person.

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Youth Wellness and Resilience

Youth Wellness and Resilience programs targeted at youth, young adult population- delivered through school or college programs. LEAN Health  Mindful …

Personal Wellness Coaching

Here are some of the topics we offer for personal consultations: Holistic Health and Wellness for Disease prevention and Inflammation …