Why you should always read the ingredient list!

Don’t let the companies fool you. I got tricked and I am here to warn you!

I get my milk from Oberweis. The company claims that their milk is better than Organic as it is fresh from local farms and lightly pasteurized. They pledge that there are no artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, non-nutritional additives or preservatives ever added to the milk and they treat their cows humanely. I was sold. I started trusting the brand. I subscribed to their milk service, so it is delivered fresh at my doorstep every week.

It’s summertime so I decided to stock my fridge with some ice-cream. Of course, I would go nowhere else but to the company I trust. I added their Mango and Pomegranate ice cream to my order.  This is where I went wrong:

  • I believed that since the milk is of good quality; ALL products from this company would be of great quality.
  • Another factor we consider is price – there is a common misconception that if the price is high, the product is better than its competitors.

Both the assumptions failed when we received the ice cream. I was shocked, when my son who was getting ready to enjoy this treat asked– Mom, How are you letting me eat this ice cream when it contains a lot of the ingredients you don’t allow us to have?

He was right – High Fructose Corn Syrup, Carrageenan, Yellow #5, Yellow#6 all of these were staring back at me from the ingredient list. I felt cheated and tricked!

I trusted the brand, I trusted their products so failed to do my part in validating the ingredients before ordering.

My advice to you is to read the ingredients of the products you buy – EVERY SINGLE TIME. Don’t believe in what is published on the front of the package, turn it around and read the ingredient list. You will be surprised to learn that there are so many artificial, synthetic ingredients “hidden” in the packaged foods you eat.

Your health is in your own hands – Stay healthy, Stay armed!

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