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Are you a busy mom looking for simple, affordable options to eat healthy? Have you found that following a strict diet or making drastic changes are unsustainable and don’t work for you long-term? Have you tried a diet that did wonders for your friend but had minimal to no results for you? Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy or just get healthy, we are here to help. Please click on the programs below to learn more and how we can help you.

Our Happy Clients

Nutri.Guide LEAN workshop was awesome! It provided simple and easy to follow guidelines on how we can switch some of the ingredients in our daily cooking to make it more healthy. We don’t have to give up on foods we like, but eat in moderation and but just use healthy substitutes. I have tried a couple of snacks that were shared and were so yummy e.g.. brownies from black beans. Thank you Nutri.Guide!


“Thank you Shobhna for ur health tips. I am very pleased to learn that all my numbers in annual health check up are perfect compared to last year . Just by following ur simple and easy guide lines” – Shashi


When I started out on this journey to improve my general health and lose weight, I had become so overwhelmed with the over abundance of wellness information on the web and social media. Shobhna advised me by helping separate facts from fads and food myths from reality. She taught me that the key to well being and good health is adequate focus on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction; weight loss then just becomes a happy side effect !.
Shobhna has painstakingly combed through my pantry, our family’s eating habits and my recipes and pointed out big and small tweaks that have proven to be very impactful.
I am so happy to share that my A1C number continues to drop, I’ve shed many stubborn lbs over the last few months and most importantly, I feel my old energy levels returning back.
Shobhna’s style is very personable, non-judgemental and ever encouraging. Her advice is based on research and evidence and very personalized.
Although she is my coach, I am her biggest fan. Go coach !


“I have consulted NutriGuide on all of my family’s nutritional and health needs. I feel a lot more active and healthy after following their programs. Their knowledge in health and nutrition is excellent!”


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