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At NutriGuide, we believe that achieving optimal health and wellness is everyone’s right. We believe that everyone possesses the power to change the trajectory of their health- be it physical or mental; all we have to do is take the first step. We are on a mission to up the health meter of our society, one person at a time. So whether you are an individual seeking to reach your truest health potential, an organization looking to invest in employee wellness development, or a parent looking to inspire wellness and resilience skills in your kids, we are here for you.

Our Happy Clients

All information shared by Shobhna is precise and trusted.  We have incorporated a lot of changes to our lifestyle. Even though it seems tough at the beginning but deep inside we know those information and diets will make us achieve our goals.  We are still continuing our journey to a healthy living and embracing all those holistic changes advised by Shobhna with a positive approach.  Now we realise what “You are what you eat!” really means after my wife lost 4KG of weight and we started feeling our energy level at its peak.


Thank you so much Shobhna ma’m for providing such wonderful guidance throughout your sessions. I always looked forward for our sessions and you really helped me feel blessed and lively. Your tasty and at the same time healthy recipes have completely changed my perception towards healthy food. You are an incredible nutritionist and I feel so blessed to be able to work with you. You had given personal attention as per my comfort level. You are such a sweet and wonderful soul. I wish to have a long session and will definitely approach you in the near future :).


“Nutriguide is very trustworthy. The best guidance is provided to add value to our health to have healthy life.”


“I have consulted NutriGuide on all of my family’s nutritional and health needs. I feel a lot more active and healthy after following their programs. Their knowledge in health and nutrition is excellent!”


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